Sailing the West Coast of Sweden

The summer holidays allow us to break free from the routine of our daily lives. Often, the ideal destination is a tropical beach escape or Alpine mountain hideaway where one can disconnect from emails, phone calls and other work responsibilities.

The freshness of the air, brightness of the sun and salt of the sea beckons us seasonally like moths to the light. Regardless of location, the reoccurring phenomenon is that we are drawn to reconnect with our natural environment. The precious weeks of being away from the office or studio offers the opportunity to revitalize one’s creative forces from within, inspiring a new wave of imagination and reflections that carry us into the new phase of the year.

A journey by private sailboat through the dramatic natural landscape of Sweden’s western coastline is an ideal way to do just that. The country’s archipelago of rocky islands and inlets are one of the brightest gems in the crown of the Swedish landscape.

Boasting extreme environmental beauty, from the dramatic cliffs of Grönvik, to the quaint fishing villages and impressive historic skyline of Mollösund and Fjällbacka, to the soaring sunsets over Väderöarna’s ancient settlements dusted in a vivid Scandinavian evening light, the Swedish coastline dramatically comes to life in the summer.

The best way to experience it is by ship, and the best boat for this journey, navigating through the winding, open and sun drenched sea, is a fifty-three feet Gallant sailboat that goes by the name of Anagada.

Departing the port of Grönvik at midday.

A church steeple peaks through the transforming evening landscape.

Cautiously pulling up the rocky shoreline of Väderöarna islands.

Navigating towards the far western islands of Väderöarna.

A camouflaged stone cabin reminiscent of the days when Vikings roamed the land in Sotenkanalen.

Tight knit communities and summerhouses at the edge of the sea.

Lighthouses dot the horizon as sun breaks through the ever changing clouds.

A sign at port advertising a national favourite caviar.

Walks along the red rocks towards Fjällbacka.

Detail of Anagada, a ship that has traveled the globe through some of the world’s most treacherous seas.

A cabin stands solo, front row to the theater of the sea.